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You dream, we make sure it ships.


Starting from tiny startups and all the way to the biggest players on the market, we have extensive experience in development of applications across industries, domains and platforms.


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We always have a can-do attitude
We drive and push things forward
We are open-minded
We will challenge the status quo
We always aim to deliver the best quality
We know what we are talking about and we don’t talk nonsense
We are a small team that delivers a great value
We take partnership seriously

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We use a multitude of tools to create, optimise and monitor automated pipelines. Our extensive experience covers a wide array of languages and domains of technology, therefore enabling us to tailor the solution specifically for your situation.

Our specialities are React, Node and Go. However, we don’t just code, we help you throughout the whole process starting from requirements, design and all the way through quality assurance.

Additionally, using the best means possible we are able to deliver maximum efficiency with minimal costs and disruption for your business.

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You dream, we make sure it ships.

We work in close cooperation with you through the design, development and QA phase. Constant feedback and sharing across domains enables us to build precisely what you want and leaves you confident that it works perfectly.


After countless community iterations, we settled on Next.js that gives comprehensive experience for building complex apps while giving full flexibility to tailor to a particular situation. Accompanied by the appropriate support from multitude of tools on the server side, ranging from extremely performant Go services, Elasticsearch or GraphQL middlewares, we are able to deliver applications that fit exactly your needs, is future proof, secure and works as beautifully as it looks.


We don’t do anything just because that’s what they say. We do what makes the most sense for your business and your project. We are confident in our development processes as they have been tested by the delivery of dozens of products for numerous clients. Our processes are highly flexible and customized for each client.

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